Thing "0" (Week 0): Get Ready!

INSTRUCTIONS: To register for the June 2013 course, please complete "Thing 0" (outlined below) -- in which you find out about the course and sign up for Google/Gmail. After you get your Gmail address, and complete "Thing 0," please complete the registration form (see TASK PART 1 below).

You must complete all steps below to properly register for the course. Registration is NOW OPEN (until June 8).

Please note: There is a course facilitation fee of $90 per person for participants from outside of Woodward Academy). GROUPS MUST PAY TOGETHER IF AT ALL POSSIBLE. I will send an email containing payment instructions to all participants after registration closes. I accept school and personal checks as well as money orders.

On June 9, 2013 I will send an invitation (via Gmail) to each participant with instructions for joining a shared course tracking spreadsheet, and payment instructions.

You MUST remember to check your Gmail account regularly beginning JUNE 9!

Onto the fun...


Welcome to K12 Learning 2.0! Here you will find your first official course "activity," organized with an Introduction, Discovery Exercise and Task -- a format which will quickly become familiar to you. Reading carefully is, for better or worse, a key to success in this course. You will also find lots of embedded HELP resources along the way -- placed at the point of need.

Before you get started, it's important that you read over the site so that you understand exactly how the course works. The three pages everyone should read in their entirety are:
    • Home - a general description of the course
    • About/FAQ - most everything you might want to know
    • The 23 Things - a list of course topics which will provide links to each week's content as it is released.

Discovery Exercises

¤ PLEASE NOTE: You must complete both the Discovery Exercises and Task (below) in order to successfully complete "Thing 0" and register for the course.

DISCOVERY PART 1: Sign up for Gmail.
For this course, you are asked to use a Gmail account (part of Google) to sign up for all of the services you explore. Using Gmail will allow you to store all of your sign-up info in one location, use fantastic Google Apps, and keep your school email uncluttered. A Google account gives you access to all sorts of Google goodies, such as Google Drive and Google Maps, which we will explore in later weeks. Throughout the course, we will communicate through Gmail.

So, go and sign up for a Gmail account!

(ONCE AGAIN: If your school email IS a Gmail (Google Apps for Education) account, please let me know in your registration form).

DISCOVERY PART 2: Get Chrome and Firefox.
Please install the Google Chrome web browser, and make sure you have an updated Firefox installation as well. It's important to have more than one web browser. If you are on a PC, you already have Internet Explorer and if you are on a Mac, you already have Safari. I really do want you to have three web browsers available. You can play around with tools and sites in all three to see if they work better in one or the other.

You probably also want to make sure you have installed/updated Java and Flash (Flash is integrated with Chrome, but not other browsers. Be sure to UNcheck the "Free! McAfee" box).


TASK PART 1: After completing the Discovery exercises above, complete this form to register for the course by June 8, 2013.
On JUNE 9, 2013, I will send you instructions for getting started with the course and making payment.
You MUST remember to check your Gmail account regularly beginning June 9. Why is she repeating herself, you ask?

TASK PART 2: Send an email from your Gmail account to k12learning20 (at) gmail (dot) com. You are writing to me, Shelley Paul. In the email, please include your full name and school name and the name of your course coach as well any questions you have about the course. Confirm for me that you have installed Chrome and Firefox (just humor me).

‡ HELP Video: How to access Gmail and send a message