Thing 14 (Week 6)

fire hose by lucidtech
Here's a little gift for your weary brains.


PART 1: Breathe (you're over halfway home!). Catch up if you need to.

PART 2: Check your Google Reader AT LEAST every other day this week. Share a brief blog post about something you read. Be sure to include a link to any post you reference (see help videos below and remember: you can't link to a post from inside your Reader, you have to go out and visit the actual site). Be sure to include "Thing 14" as part of your post title.

Stretch Task

If you're feeling ambitious, go back to Thing 7 and explore another tool of your choice! (Share a brief blog post about your exploration). Include "Thing 14 Stretch" in your post title.

‡ HELP Videos: