K12 Learning 2.0: Tools for 21st Century Teaching & Learning

WELCOME! The next course will begin Tuesday, June 11, 2013 and run for 12 weeks...


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The course facilitation fee is $90. Each group will need an onsite coach to help support participants and provide feedback along the way. More information may be found on the Partner Schools page. Email me (Shelley Paul) if you have questions: k12learning20 (at) gmail (dot) com

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Networked Teacher by courosa

Welcome to K12 Learning 2.0 (K12L2). This self-guided online learning adventure is designed to provide an introductory "What's out there?" exploration of some common tools and concepts related to Web 2.0 (the participatory web, social media, cloud computing, etc...).

The goal of the course is to help educators become familiar with current Web technologies available to support professional, personal and classroom learning in the 21st Century! The course is, intentionally, about play and possibility, exploration, discovery and experimentation, rather than "doing it right." I hope participants make connections and become inspired along the way. Learning is messy, and "mistakes" often lead to new understandings!

Over ten weeks, participants complete "23 Things," or small to medium-sized learning activities. Each "Thing" will introduce (or expand upon) a new tool or concept through one or more discovery exercises, followed by one or more learning tasks.

You will record your progress by posting to your own blog and elsewhere as directed. Your blog will serve as your personal learning journal, a place for you to record your experiences, frustrations, ideas, discoveries, questions and reflections. Your blog will also serve as your portfolio, a living artifact demonstrating your completion of the course. (Don't worry, first graders can blog, and so can you!)

This course offers no formal instruction, but does provide help resources and tips along the way. You will be your own mentor, with support from your colleagues, from me (Shelley Paul) and your course coach. You will decide when and where to complete each week's activities. Throughout this “discovery learning” experience, you will likely encounter a number of small challenges. Each time you teach yourself something, find a solution or accomplish a task, you will feel empowered and be that much more digitally savvy!

Educators from anywhere in the world are invited to participate in this course. Potential participants should visit the Partner Schools page to learn more. This course is approved for 3 PLU credits by the Georgia DOE.

To register for the Summer 2013 course, please complete "Thing 0."

Ready to learn more?

Visit the FAQ page and view a list of the 23 Things (details for each "Thing" are published weekly as the course progresses).