Info for Schools & Participants

In the "Web 2.0" spirit of sharing our knowledge and resources, learning together, connecting online, and developing a community of practice, I am excited to invite participation from faculty and staff members from ANYWHERE in the world. All participants benefit by learning together with colleagues from other schools.

Please note: There is a course fee is $90 for participants from outside of Woodward Academy. I will send an email containing payment instructions to all participants after registration closes.

All Participant Groups Must Provide a Course Coach

Groups wishing to participate must agree to provide a volunteer "Course Coach" (see notes below) to coordinate, actively CHEERLEAD and support participants through just-in-time tutoring. The coach will track participant progress by checking in with them, checking the tracking spreadsheet, and, most importantly, following their blog entries and providing feedback and encouragement (in the form of blog comments) along the way. The coach also serves as MY primary contact for managing the course (and must provide a Gmail address for course communication). Participants whose coaches fail to follow through on these responsibilities are less likely to persevere in the course, which is challenging, but very worthwhile. Coaches must provide an email contact, and be able to work in Google Docs (which requires a gmail account).

(Individuals without a coach may still participate for a fee of with me serving as a "stand-in" coach to review their work and provide some email support, but I will be unable to provide extensive support.)

Shelley Paul
Email: K12Learning20 (at) gmail (dot) com

How to Register

To register for the upcoming course, which will begin JUNE 2013, please complete "Thing 0" -- in which you find out about the course, sign up for Google/Gmail and install Firefox and/or Chrome. DEADLINE TO COMPLETE "THING 0" IS JUNE 1, 2013 (or earlier if the course becomes full).

Throughout the course, we will communicate through Gmail -- if your school uses Google Apps, then your school email IS gmail. If not, you need a gmail account. (This includes coaches, to whom I send all emails that go to participants).

Professional Learning Credits (GA only):
  • The course is approved for 3 PLU (30 hours) by the Georgia Department of Education. It also counts for SACS/SAIS credit for GA teachers. For anyone outside of GA, please check with your school staff development coordinator or state DOE to determine whether this course can be applied for "official" professional development credit. I am unable to address questions/procedues for states/agencies outside of GA, but it appears that many offer reciprocal credit.
  • Participants outside of Woodward seeking Georgia PLU credit may need to submit "Prior Approval" forms. If YOUR SCHOOL requires them to be on file, your coach should email them all at one time as a SINGLE PDF DOCUMENT to Shelley Paul at k12learning20 (at) gmail (dot) com. If your school does not have its own form, you may use ours (just change the school name):
  • PLU seekers will be required to sign and submit an "Academic Honesty" statement (contained on course rubric) to their coaches. See the FAQ page for more information.
  • PLU credits will be issued through Woodward Academy. Coaches will evaluate their own participants' blog content and other artifacts and complete/sign their course rubrics which are to be emailed as a single, scanned PDF document to Shelley Paul, who will sign the PLU/completion forms. Here is the course rubric:
  • I will email an official course completion certificate for each participant who has completed all requirements, including a signed rubric from their coach. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KEEPING THE CERTIFICATE.

Notes for Coaches
  • Prospective coaches should set up a GMAIL account and email me at k12learning 20 (at) gmail (dot) com with their names and contact info. Coaches will need to check their Gmail regularly to keep current with course happenings.
  • Coaches are expected to follow their participants' blogs and provide comments and feedback, also to check in with participants regularly, and provide support and encouragement as needed.
  • Participants will need a microphone and speakers (preferably a USB headset).
  • Coaches will need to keep a heads up for potential filtering issues -- e.g. YouTube and Flickr.
  • Everyone needs to approach this with a spirit of adventure -- there are bound to be hiccups.